Monday, November 15, 2010

15 Months!!! :)

Can you believe Grace is already 15 Months?!?! That sounds so toddler-ie and not so baby-ie! Even so, I still view her as my brand new newborn... And maybe I always will. The past few days we have been blessed with Jonathan getting to be home with us, SO wonderful! And he kept telling me over and over how much she has grown since his last job. She has really become quite interactive! She loves playing chase with us! :) Her laughter and baby squeals are music to our ears. :)

Just yesterday we noticed that about 5 of her top teeth are about to bust through her gums... I am guessing that is why I am having a hard-time keeping her from chewing up the wood furniture lol! I am pretty sure there are little teeth marks on our dining room chairs haha! 

We had ECI come out last week to help us set up therapy for Gracie. They are going to help us get her eating regularly and hopefully something besides pears lol! :) If ya'll could pray for her therapy to be just what this little girl needs that would be wonderful! I would love to be able to feed her a healthy diet of babyfood! :)

This past week Grace has rediscovered her ball-pit! I can't keep her out of it lol! And mommy and daddy tend to end up having ball wars everytime haha! I think we enjoy that ball-pit just as much as she does. :)

He is Gracie's hero! :) She really loved his time here at home with us, and we can't wait until Thanksgiving! We have SO much to be thankful for this year. :)

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  1. great pictures! love the one in the pool of balls :) looks like you are cherishing every moment! Keep it up! :)