Monday, November 1, 2010

Parties: Easy Table Decor!

One of my favorite parts of party planning is the table decorations. I love being innovative! And I really LOVE saving money! :) Instead of breaking the bank with cupcake stands and such, I went ahead and thought a little outside the box. 

The Cupcake Stand

This was the easiest decoration to make, and it really does it job well! :) You can find about a million tutorials on other blogs showing you how to make one. So I will keep my explanation simple and short. :) A few cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and your embellishments are all you need! :) If you have a cricket at your disposal this would be a great time to put it to work! :) I used hot glue to help keep them stacked, but since it is wrapping paper, I handled it very carefully so it wouldn't tear or rip. 

The Lollipop Stand

The Lollipop Stand was super super easy to make. All you need is some styrofoam, wrapping paper, a hot glue gun, and tape. The styrofoam that I found at Michaels was perfect in size but wasn't deep enough to hold up the lollipops efficiently so I bought two and hot glued them together. That created the perfect depth! :) You could make really long ones, tall ones, lots of individual short ones, the possibilities are endless! :)  Once you are done assembling your styrofoam base go ahead and wrap it up with the wrapping paper and stick in the yummy goodness! :) You could also add ribbon, lettering, etc. Go crazy with it! :)
**Note: Styrofoam sheds like crazy, if you have a baby I would make sure to craft with it somewhere the baby won't pick up the shavings off the floor or vacuum immediately after crafting.**


Vases can be pretty pricey, but I found these super cheap ($4 a pop) at Michaels, and just a little ribbon seems to tie them in perfectly with the table. :) Easy peasy!

I hope my little tips today helped give you an idea or two for your next event! If so, I would LOVE to hear about it! :)


  1. Been searching for an easy diy lollipop display, and this is PERFECT!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!!

  2. You're Welcome! I am SO glad I could help! Happy Crafting! :)