Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few of Her Favorite Things!

On today's post I have decided to make it all about Grace's favorite things! (In no particular order).

1) Her new BLINGY Shoes! They fascinate her lol! They make her feet "sparkle."

2) Her SillyTown! She got it last Christmas from The Peadens and she has Loved it from Day One, she is C-R-A-Z-Y about that toy! :)

3) Anything electrical & she thinks they all belong in her mouth, you gotta watch that girl! :) 

4) Pears. Her favorite food of all time.

5) Her bottle, she despises sippy cups of any kind lol. She even named it "Nuh-Nuh," that's right, the bottle got a name before Jonathan or I did lol!

6) Her daddy! When he gets home that little girl LITES up! 

7) Her mobile, it is worth it's weight in gold... For Real! :)

8) Bathtime! She loves putting her face in the water, lol, I am not kidding!

9) Climbing... She LOVES it, I see a future rock climber in her! :)

10) Being Held, but what baby doesn't? :)

11) Jumping! I really think she is going to opt for jumping around the house as opposed to walking lol.

12) Visiting her family! There she is surrounded by people who LOVE loving on her. She really enjoys the attention and affection. :)

13) Being at home with Mommy! :) Grace did love her teachers at school, but I can tell that she really ENJOYS being at home with me. :) I am so thankful I can keep her here with me! :)

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