Monday, November 1, 2010

What a Week of Firsts!


Goodness what a Week it has been!!!

This has truly been a week for our little Grace!

1) Grace got her 1st big girl carseat. We did our homework on this one (BIG thanks to consumer report lol) and got a Britax Roundabout! Not much selection so I am shopping around for a super cute and comfy cover for it! :) This is a BIG step for mommy too... Not sure if I am ready for it....

This is her NEW carseat! :)

2) Grace went to her 1st wedding! Our friends Libby & Gregg got hitched on Saturday and it was beautiful! We sadly couldn't stay long since Gracie was sick, boo on that.

Gregg & Libby with Grace

3) Grace had her very 1st Babysitter this past week! Miss Ashton was so sweet to come stay with Grace so Jonathan and I could go on a date (Yes... It was our 1st night out since we had Gracie... way overdue lol). Everything went well and we looked forward to future date nights! :)

Jonathan treated to me to one of my faves! 

4) Gracie has started taking steps with her little musical walker this week! Getting close! :)

Such a CUTE toy!

I look forward to more 1st's as they come & sharing them with ya'll!

Lots of Love!

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