Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cake & Surgery for August Please....

Well SOOO much has happened since our original visit with our G.I. Tract Dr. SOOO let me fill you in!  :)

First of all, some precious little Angel turned TWO on August 12!!!! To celebrate, we took the whole family out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! Grace LOVED getting sung to by the waiters! :) Even some of the people seated around us came over to wish her a Happy Birthday! It was a fun and delicious way to celebrate! 

Blowing out the Candle!

The Cheesecake Factory! :) Yum!

Mommy & Daddy helped with this! :)

Most of the group! My Mom is taking the picture! :)

This year we toned down the birthday a tad due to her surgery, probe, therapy, and ER visits... Not to mention we are still in the process of moving LOL! But we still got some super adorable pictures to celebrate! Hope ya'll LOVE them as much as we DO!

LOVE her BIG Cheese Smile! 

She was ALL about those Pearls!!!

Driving the PINK Car!!

And.... She Loved it!!!

Flaunting that Baby Chunk!!! :)

Yes!!! Rockin' the High Heels!

Awe!!! My TWO year old!

In Color! :)

Loved B&W and Color... Couldn't choose!

Pretty sure she needs a car now haha!


She was like... What is going on?! :)

BIG Cheese!!! :)

Toward the end of August Grace had her esophagus, tummy, and small intestine scoped. While they were in her tummy they found that her pylorus was very tight. From the pictures they showed me I couldn't even make out an opening. They said that it needed ballooning so her food could pass through without the long delay, so we signed for it and were able to see our princess in recovery within the next half-hour. I uploaded a before and after picture, sorry for the low quality (pic. of pic. lol).

Her Pylorus, Pre-Balloon

Her Pylorus: Post Procedure

While under the anesthesia they had inserted her probe, and had her all taped up & braced up. It took foreverrrrrrr to get her to take some sips of juice before they would release her. I seriously thought we would be there until closing lol. We brought our groggy little girl home to a house full of NEW toys! Jonathan & I went and cleaned out Toys 'R Us the day before. We felt SUPER guilty about everything we were going to have to put her through, so we thought LOTS of toys would somehow make recovery more enjoyable haha! Jonathan's company was great about letting him off to be there for Grace during this time. The following morning we were able to take out the probe, and I couldn't express to you HOW happy Grace was to get rid of the probe and arm braces!

Grace getting Love from her Daddy!

Still groggy/fussy from the procedures...

The results from her biopsies and probe came back recently. The GREAT news is that everything came back normal on her probe, but the biopsy they took indicated that she had irritated stomach lining. So we will be putting her back on prevacid to help with that. We feel SO Blessed that they didn't find anything really dangerous!

As for her all her therapy needs we have her in ECI until we get moved over to Cook Children's Therapy. And we have an appointment with Our Children's House at Baylor for a feeding assessment in November; I am SO excited about this program! They truly work miracles when it comes to feeding disorders.

At the very end of August we took Grace for her first visit with her neurologist at Cooks. He is FANTASTIC!! Excellent bed side manner and an overall really genuine Dr.! After a million questions and observing Grace he suggested we hold off on the MRIs and CAT scans. He said her developmental delay could largely be attributed to her G.I. Tract issues. He wants us to give her body time to adjust and then game-plan from there.

Grace playing before we left for the Neurologist :)

This is her, "Really Mom, put the camera away" face lol!

Needless to say, between Grace's appointments, keeping finances, cooking dinner, and general housework... I am one SUPER Busy momma! :) But I am excited that Grace is FINALLY getting the help she needs! :)

We are SO looking forward to our new place! I have a countdown going LOL! NINE Days!!! :) Can't wait to have all our family and friends over for dinners!