Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Crazzinesss & Sicknesss!

So I have been super terrible about keeping up with our blog the past few weeks, I am so sorry! Sickness and Holiday preparations have overwhelmed our little household. Many Dr. visits and ER visits for me and Gracie have made things a little hectic over here. Thankfully, we are feeling much better and were able to enjoy our favorite holiday! :)

New news on the Gracie-Bug front! We have top teeth!!! LOL!!! And we like to nibble on t-shirts with those front teeth, so funny!

She has curls now!!! Ahhhh!!!! I love them!!!

She loves to sing and bounce at the same time!!! Her little singing voice is music to my ears!

She willingly keeps bows and hats on! :) This makes mommy VERY happy! 8)

Now onto the serious stuff...

We had ECI out this past week and they were so helpful! They were Very intrigued with our little Gracie... The therapist was astounded by Grace's ability to focus and her interest in evaluating everyyythinnnggg lol.  She was SO intrigued that she is sending out a team of more therapists that are even more specialized than she is. To us, this is normal for Gracie, but the therapist said that in all her years of working with babies she has never seen one like Grace. This was definitely uplifting for our family... With all the struggling we have been through over the last year and a half, it was such a blessing to hear such positive feedback for once! :) I look forward to all the different ways we can continue to challenging her intellectually. :)

The therapist also put my "neurological disorders" worry for Gracie-Bug at rest. She said with the amount of intense trauma Grace's body had sustained over the first 13 months of her life that we should expect a delay in her development. It was wonderful to finally have someone who understands what our daughter has been through and is able to help her fully recover. :) Such a Praise!!!

While we still aren't able to completely rule out serious neurological disorders, I do still hope and pray for the best and know that either way God is in control and will be with us every step of the way. Thank you to all those who have been continuously praying for our little angel and we ask that ya'll keep it up, God hears each and every prayer. :) Thank you from the heart! :)

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!!! And I hope you enjoyed a few of our Gracie Christmas pictures from this season! :)

Happy Holidays from The Wheats!!! :)

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