Monday, May 9, 2011

A 'lil Minnie Mouse Party Decor!

  The Banner

Part of the Banner hanging at the Party! :)

The Banner took the MOST time... Now if you have a Cricut or something similar, this should take you no time at all, but if you're like me and don't.... Get ready to put in some hours lol! I printed off A mickey mouse head online to use as my template and then traced it on to an old cereal box. After cutting it out I traced it onto some black felt. Cutting out all the felt is what took the MOST time, so cozy up next to your hubby and use your womanly wiles to talk him into helping you. :) I promise this really helps speed things up haha! 

Then after I had all the heads cut out I used some Iron On Letters for the wording! After ample cooling time, go ahead and cut little slits through the ears for hanging purposes. And then last but not least, whip up some little bows for each of those darling minnie mouse heads! :) All done! :)

Now hindsight is 20/20, so here are some little tips that I would have done differently if I were to make another one. Apparently Iron-On letters are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, and that costed me WAY more than I originally wanted to spend. So here is another route you may want to try if you are wanting to be a little more cost effective. Instead of felt use black cardstock, and this probably wayyyy easier to cut anyways lol (ps if you have the Cricut, this is a GREAT time to use it). Instead of iron-on letters use some punch out letters from your local teacher tools store. You can just hotglue them onto the cardstock. I still think this route would be just as cute and SO much cheaper than the felt, but if you just LOVE the fabric look than by all means jump right on in! :)

The Banner shortly after Completion!

I hope this helps with a banner idea at your next Mickey/Minnie Birthday Party! :)

THE Ears! 

The Birthday Girl rocking those Ears! :)

The Minnie Mouse ears took no time at all!!! 

What you need:

A Sheet of Foam (from your local craft store)
Hot Glue & Gun
Black Headband
Black Felt
Wired Pink Ribbon

Cut four circles out of the foam that are just a smidge smaller than the size you would like for the ears. You tell how technical this is because I just used a cup from the kitchen to trace my circles lol! :) The next part is where you are going to have to eyeball it a bit. Line up two of your circles across from eachother on the felt and then sick your headband in the middle. Now trace a "figure eight" from this, leaving enough slack for them to wrap around the headband in the middle. Also leave a little room around the foam for gluing the opposing pieces of felt together; then cut out another pair. After both have been cut go ahead and glue the foam together, two circles per ear. And then glue the two foam pairs to the two pieces of identical felt cut outs. Now all you have to do is glue the middle part of the felt to the headband and adjoin the the ears together. Do this for both ears and you have some Mickey Mouse ears!!! To make them Minnie, toss on a Bow!!! :) Sorry I didn't have pictures to follow this up, but you can always shoot me some questions if you have them! :)

My 'lil Cutie modeling THE Ears too! :)
I hope my little ears find their way into your next Mickey/Minnie party! :) If you wanna have a lot of fun make enough for all your guests, I am sure you could get a TON of cute and hilarious pics! :)

Happy Crafting!!!

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