Monday, September 13, 2010

13 Months! :)


Well... What can I say... These past couple of weeks have been all over the place for our little princess. Over the summer we gradually began having more and more feeding problems with Gracie; which led to a second opinion, which led to a compassionate & insightful doctor, which in turn led to him becoming her new pediatrician. What we have it narrowed down to the reflux; it is still bothering her, she has texture aversion, and is INCREDIBLY strong willed haha. I am still trying to get her to start taking her baby food again... Having her go cold turkey with the bottle was Heart-Wrenching! I just can't do it without Jonathan, I feel like I am torturing my sweetie... So I am trying to just continually present her baby food in hopes that she will take to it.

On a different note, she has become quite the little chatterbox! :) Especially in the early evening, that seems to be when she has the most to say! I love mimicking her sounds, she finds it entertaining, so it has become a game we play (until I crack up laughing)!

One of the new-er-ish and exciting things she has started doing is pulling herself up, she loves it! She thinks I am her personal climbing gym lol! And if she gets stuck and can't get up all the way by herself, she expects you to come and help her the rest of the way! haha!

I just want to thank all of you for your continuos prayer support with Grace's feeding problems, and if you could pray specifically for her to take to her baby food that would be such a blessing!

We love ya'll and wish you were here to spend the day with us!

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