Sunday, August 22, 2010

Splish Splash!

Ok, so I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately and I can probably say it's safe to say that until Sept. 4th my posts will be few in numbers. I am up to my eyeballs with prepping decorations and itineraries for the BIG day! :) Now I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I truly love all the fun prepping that goes into the party! Gracie has being so wonderful with all the crafting going on at the house, she has really been enjoying all the new textures and colors! :)

On a completely different note, Grace had me laughing so hard during her bath time last night! Not only was she splashing the water like crazy but she began eating the bubbles too! Oh how I just love my little bubble eater! She is TOO precious! Last night was also the first time she pulled herself up! What a night for little Gracie-Bug!

Today we have been blessed by a safe return home by Jonathan! We are so thankful! It is so good to see him! Gracie is cutting more teeth, this time its been a little bit on the rough side, so we invested in some baby oragel! Hopefully this will help! :)

All in all, we are pretty busy, but it's the good kind! :) So no complaints here! :)

Hope everybody is having a great start to their week!


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