Monday, August 16, 2010

Grace is Growing!

Oh My Goodness!!!! It has been over a week since our last post! I am so sorry! Grace and I were sooooo busy over vacation and with Jonathan's arrival back home on Sunday (so happy about that by the way *smiles*) it has just been a whirlwind! Well the BIG news is that our sweet precious daughter is no longer considered an infant but a TODDLER!!! Ahhhh!!!! Where has the time gone?! We were so blessed to be able to share one spectacular year with her and look forward to many MANY great memories and birthdays ahead with our "little" blessing! With her birthday party right around the corner I am constantly thinking up more ways to savor the celebration, feel free to leave a comment (or shoot an email for those who don't have a blog) on a favorite birthday memory or tradition! I hope everybody is having a phenomenal weekend!

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