Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventures with Stinkerbelle!


So Monday would be one of my normal "Gracie Post" days, but since Sunday we have been having an unusually tough round of constipation. Since they had the Similac recall, we have switched Grace to Enfamil Prosobee... This switch has led to some ridiculously bad constipation. Grace tends to constipate easily so we are very particular in what we feed her. Which sadly means a low banana, apple, rice cereal, etc. diet. And we ALWAYS keep apple juice in the house haha. This diet has really been working for us, we haven't had any constipation problems for over a month (YAY!!!!). But with the formula switch it has given her the worst round we have dealt with yet. I have tried apple juice, prune juice, leg exercises, warm baths, high fiber foods, suppositories (was a failed attempt), etc. Yesterday and today my mom and I had to help Grace get "it" out (we wore gloves and used Q-Tips for those that are extremely grossed out right now lol). After hours of screaming pain from Grace I took her to Cook's Children's Urgent Care. There they administered a different suppository and prescribed a laxative. We are still using Enfamil since they have not restocked the shelves yet with new "beetle-free" Similac lol. Right now Gracie-Baby is playing happily on the floor and chatting it up, and I am just waiting for the flood gates to open... Like they say, "Poop is better Out than In" and I must agree; I can't wait to get past this "stinky" round of constipation. However, one funny/random thing that came out of this is a new nickname for Gracie lol! I now call her from time to time my little "sTinkerbelle," especially when I am dealing with her excrement LOL! :) Sorry this post is a tad gross, and I hope I did not scar too many of you. :) And I am sorry I didn't get a chance to post earlier, but duty called. :) Lots of love and I hope ya'll enjoyed the picture above of my little Stinkerbelle! :)

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