Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Baby is One!!!

Grace’s “Sweet” First Birthday!

We had so much fun celebrating Grace's First Birthday! What a milestone! This sweet baby girl has suffered so much this first year (due to health problems) that I wanted to go all out for her special day! I hope each of you enjoy the pictures below and feel that you were there with us celebrating one year of Grace Amaris Wheat! 

On her actual "birthday" we went out for a family dinner and then starbucks followed by cake at the house; we got some great pictures of our little sweetie that day! I posted some of the pictures from our family outing below! :)

Above is my Mommy with her favorite Grandbaby at Starbucks! :) Since she was the photographer for all these pretty pictures you won't see her much below! So I wanted to make sure she had a special picture posted of her with the birthday girl! :) She LOVES that baby!

Her sweet Tia Kiki was playing a soccer game in Tyler the day of the party so we wanted to make sure she had a special debut too! :)

Above is a picture of my sweet pea and her "birthday" cupcake! :) Turns out I have one of the few children that hates cakes, pastries, and other various sweet treats lol. See the picture below for proof haha! 

LOL! She was unhappy when she tasted her fingers! Poor Baby!

We enjoyed spending such a special day with such a special girl; we just couldn't wait until her "First" Birthday Party!

Karyn did a GREAT job on Gracie-Baby's invitations! We hope you all enjoyed receiving them! :)

This was Grace's First Birthday Outfit! It was so precious I couldn't resist! :)

Before entering into the party building, all of our guests were greeted with a festive wreath I made!

Grace's Birthday Party had a "Sweet Treats" theme! So below is one of the Treat Place-Cards I made for her Sweet's Table! :)

The Cake Table

The Cake 

We made the topiaries for the cake table, a little on the tedious side but soooo worth it! I thought they came out so CUTE! :)

Didn't her cake just come out perfect! I have to hand it to Sharon from Creative Memories, she did a fantastic job! :)

The other Birthday Topiary!

This is the back of her Birthday Outfit! :) My favorite part of that Outfit!!! :)

Close up on the Cake! :)

The "Smash Cake" is below! :)

The top of the cake, loved that part! :)

More Cake! :)

Baby Girl playing in her birthday pom-poms!

The Sweet’s Table

The Cupcakes on their pretty stand we made! :)

Cracker Barrel Lolli's! Yum! :)

Side View!

Another... :)

Top of the Stand!

Close-Up! :)

The Refreshments Table

These waterbottles were SO fun! :)

The Punch was a HIT! :)

Our mantle decor! Rachel did a wonderful job on Gracie's frames! TOO precious!!!

Family Picture in front of the Sweet's Table!

Close up of the Birthday Girl!!! :)

Her sweet little bloomers for her Smash Cake Outfit! :)

Time to Sing to the Birthday Girl!

Loved this!!

Blowing out the candle! :)

Again... We are not big on this whole cake in mouth thing lol! :)

The Present’s Table

Opening her gifts! :)

Trying them out! :)

Party Favors!

In the middle of the party favors we featured a book charting the growth of our baby over the past 12 months! :)

I hope our guests enjoyed this book as much as we did! :)

Close-up of the party favors!

We lOVED our Guests!

We tried hard to capture as many complimentary pictures of all our guests but still missed so many of those we LOVE!. :( But we are SOOOOO thankful for each of you coming! It meant the world to us!!!

Grace's sweet cousins made a BIG trip to come celebrate with us! :)
These kids are TOO cute!!!!

Robert & Gracie's Papa!

Lena & Uncle Seth!

Handsome Boys! Elijah & Micah!

Tio Frank & Lita!

Sandy Yu & The Wheats! :)

Lena & Tia Marsha!

Tia Nini & Tio TayTay!

Christle & Zach Peaden! :) We love you guys! Thanks for making the big trip! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! :) And felt as if you were there! :) Feel free to comment or email me if you would like any of the pictures for printing purposes! :) And I look forward to posting how I made some of the decor pieces on "The Nifty Nook!" :) Keep checking back. :)

Lots of Love!


  1. I love the look on her face while "eating" that cupcake! Also, love the wreath! It looks like all your hard work paid off because all the decor is super cute!

  2. Thanks Blair! :) I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures! :) I can't wait for our wreath making party! :)

  3. Can I say WOW, you did an AMAZING job on her birthday party decor, haha I might just need to hire you!! ;) You have a beautiful little girl and the pictures are precious!!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! :) I am glad you liked it! :) If you ever need any ideas or someone to party brainstorm with you feel free to give me a holler! :) I love helping plan parties! :) So fun!

  5. Brittany thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog and loved it! Gorgeous Parties! :)