Sunday, October 10, 2010

Groooowwwing! :)


In my last Gracie post I talked about putting up some new pic.s! Sorry I have been so bad about posting as they come haha! So today I wanted to share with ya'll some pictures from her 10 month and 11 month photoshoots! :) I hope ya'll enjoy them as much as we have!

10 Months! She loves cheezin' it up! :)

More 10 Months! LOVE this one! So much it is framed in her room lol! I am such a MOM haha!

And.... MoRe 10 Months! LOL! This blanket was made special for Gracie :) Such a fun texture!

11 Months!!! She was sooooo Happy this day! :)

11 Months! She was starting to get tired of the camera lol! :)

11 Months! Gracie loves the USA! :)

Thank you so much for letting me share this fun time in our lives with you all! It means so much to us to have people that love our daughter and cherish her to be involved in these important growing years! :) Can't wait to share with you all her 12 Months! :) Well, looks like Gracie wants me to come play some more, so I better get! :) Lots of Love to you Each!

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