Monday, September 9, 2013

Ending The Mommy War

Hi, I'm Erica; and I have some of the most inspiring friends ever.

I have some that have a ridiculous eye for design, you should see what they create! Some even sell their creations, and seriously; that is amazing!

I have quite a few friends that are ridiculous behind the camera. They capture moments that speak volumes. I LOVE it when they upload new photos!!

I have a lot of friends who are hard working mommies. And when they get their dream jobs, or big promotions; I rejoice for them. They sacrificed and worked crazy hard to get there, it's a big deal. Not every mom can do that.

Some of my friends are phenomenal in the kitchen. They are constantly making me hungry when I scroll through their feed; but I can't stop looking. ;)

And I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift; I have a lot of talented and inspiring friends.

What I love about social media is that it gives me more than one way to stay connected to those friends.

As a mom who is still fairly chained to her house, this is an absolutely priceless gift! Even if I can't leave my house for more than an hour to two hours at a time; I still can "keep" up with precious friends I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Not to mention that many of my mom friends that I love, live ALL over the country (some of them I have never met in person!). But because of social media we get to do life together (maybe that's weird) in a very unique way.


The Mommy Wars happened. Fueled largely by pinterest, and I have actually seen some of my friends that I adore back away from social media and are make fewer "posts."

Because now if you post something you worked hard on making, or saved hard and bought, or studied hard and finally passed, or etc., or etc.; it could now be considered show boating. And you will be judged, condemned, and then shunned via social media.

Instead of seeing all the fun stuff my friends have been up to, I am reading article after article about all the pressures moms are under, how we all are secretly against one another; and how we should be against "being against eachother."

Is this making anybody else's head hurt?

So over the course of last week, I decided I am done being against "being against eachother." It's much easier, less confusing, and more enriching to be for something...

So instead of grazing through my feed(s) and thinking to myself; how neat, incredible, inspiring, how exciting, etc. I am going to voice all those thoughts instead; in writing, in your comments section. :)

I am going to be FOR you, my mommy friends.

So to my Mommy Friends,

Please post every thing you work hard on. Crafts, food, design; I want to see it.
You saved and saved, and bought a really neat toy; post away, I want to admire it too.
You had a really cool accomplishment, please share; I want to rejoice with you too.
You are going through a rough patch and are genuinely emotionally exhausted, you can post that too. I don't expect you to be bright and positive 24/7; I love that you are real, genuine, and honest.
I want to connect with you and celebrate you. This is how we win. The Mommy War becomes non-existent when there is no one to war with. Encouragement is our cure.
So please keep posting, sharing, and letting your friends (like me) who don't get to see you everyday, be a part of your unique world; and celebrate your uniqueness, friendship, and the beauty that is a shared life.

Thanks Bunches! Can't wait to flood your feed! ;)


  1. "Rejoice with those who rejoice" (Romans 12:15) -- great reminder about a good principle to follow :o) ~Stacia

  2. I adore you, Erica! I hope you never ever stop blogging and facebooking and all of that.

  3. I always enjoy everything you write sweet friend! I agree 100% too, even though I have none of these specific talents haha! ;) -Jenn