Wednesday, June 5, 2013

San Antonio, Round Two: House Huntin'!

Recently we had to make an impromptu trip to San Antonio for some house hunting. While we walked away from the week without a new place; we didn't leave without a few memories (and a lot of pictures).
We ended up staying at The Eilan Hotel Resort & Spa, it's still relatively new; so I was nervous. But OH MY GOSH, I really shouldn't have been; our stay was incredible! The rooms were luxurious, the food was UNBELIVABLE (not to mention organic), and the service impeccable! They will definitely receive our business in the future!
Five Stars, we highly recommend it!
Their lobby is very comfy! Grace loved sitting on all their furniture while we waited for the car. This massive ottoman was one of her favorites.
The chandeliers there are inspiring! She's all girl, she loves all things sparkle!
And the mirrors, Oh she LOVED these!
But out of everything, THIS is what she LOVED the most.
They have this fantastic splash pool, that Grace loved! I'm not sure if love is even a strong enough word, you'll see, just keep scrolling.
 Our very own Cabana (very handy).

At first sight. She cracks a smile.

 The happiness begins.

 She gets SO excited, she starts breaking out dance moves (sans music).

 This is shrieking.

This is screeching (there is a difference).
This is hand flailing, with a little screeching (but not as loud, because we have hand motions going too).
 This is amazement, so naturally we are chatting it up with the water.

We hang out here for a long time, because this fountain dances. And what is cooler than dancing water? Nothing. You can tell, because Jonathan is concerned about whether or not he is burning. The kid LOVES water, SO she leaves against her will screaming all the way up to the room. I didn't photograph that though, apologies, I was to busy deflecting the weirdo stares (with a pretty sweet one of my own HA!).
The next morning before heading out, Grace was just hanging out and I had to grab my camera. It was just her, being perfectly her. I couldn't miss out.

She had a hold of one of her favorite shoes, it was the first pair she ever squealed with joy over. I think her smile says it all.

She knows where her shoe goes, her foot!! Such a smart girl!


Shoe Cuddling!

Shoe Happiness!

 This is Day 2 of water play! While it's not new it is definitely still EXCITING!

 She was getting very brave, she did not like us shadowing her so closely. She wanted to strike out on her own. It made me a little proud to see her assert independence.

 This is her "look what I can do" face!

 Then we moved over to the "BIG" pool! She loved this waterfall, utterly fascinating for her!
It turned out that she actually seemed to enjoy this pool more than the splash pool, and if you saw the previous photos; you know we are talking some serious happiness.
 And then there was the swimming. She tried so desperately to take off swimming on her own. She figured out how to move her arms, legs, and shoved her face in the water a few times. Then she wanted Jonathan to let her go, so she could take off. We both agreed no. It was a little crazy that she was basically teaching herself to swim, since we lack the verbal communication and all. But still, I won't be surprised if she does teach herself how to swim by the end of the summer, that little water baby of mine! :)

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