Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travel Tactics, Foodie Style

Our first road trip in years. Little G doesn't normally do well on long drives, so we keep the travel minimal. But sometimes travel is necessary, and this is one of those times. Now comes the predicament of real food. I cringe at the thought of gas station snacks and "chili's" type restaurant chains.
Reality check, we are going to have to eat some foods that normally we wouldn't. We are road tripping, it can't be completely avoided. So now the question is what can we do to reduce toxins, insulin sugar spikes, and keep regular eliminations, etc.? After putting in some good research I put together the kit pictured above. It is a compilation of our current regiment with a few new goodies!
We have some old faithfuls joining us, like our fermented cod liver oil.

Which is like the "nectar of the gods" for your body.

We are also bringing my all time favorite wildflower honey, for my morning coffee and J's Water ACV solution.

Another "regular" in our house is Kombucha; we are bringing about half a dozen of them to drink throughout the trip. I could go into a very long explanation of all the benefits they give, but that would take up the entire post. Google it, and be amazed.

In the event we get a case of the munchies/breakfast, I am packing our *new* favorite organic, sprouted cereals; the cinnamon raisin is for me!

Also part of our usual regimen, Activator X! We get ours from raw Gouda. Love me some K2! I am bringing a small brick of it in the ice chest. It will be nibbled on throughout the trip.

Since we will be eating a lot of acidic (restaurant) foods, I would normally want to bring a juicer; and pump out lots of green veggie drinks to help balance out our pH levels and mitigate the toxins. But J said I can't bring this with us.

He says it's too big and bulky. Psssshhhhh. SO, I am bringing these.

And this.

And fresh organic lemons and grapefruits (not all are pictured).

Our Green Variance travel packets will sub for our "green drinks" since we can't haul the juicer and produce. We just empty them into water and drink. Bye-bye toxins!

We will also be doing our lemon water cleanse every morning with a touch of cayenne pepper for an metabolic boost. We don't want any travel food sitting in our digestive organs longer than absolutely necessary. I am so thankful for my stainless steel lemon "juicer." It travels so easily. I love helping our livers help us!

Last, but not least; we have packed a few grapefruits. I will be juicing them by hand with my small citrus juicer (pictured above). After any meal that is sure to spike our insulin levels, we will be having a glass of it freshly squeezed. Grapefruit juice will bring the insulin levels down and settle them.

I am really excited about these additions to our excursion, getting some quality family time away from distractions, and a little road time. While "Real Food" is a significant part of our life, it isn't the focus of this trip. I will still be diligent with our "travel kit," make the best choices I can when we are eating out, and squeeze in some cardio when I can. But, I am also going to enjoy my meal (regardless where it came from), enjoy the fact that I did not have to cook it, and above all else; enjoy the company I am eating it with. :)


  1. Wow. I am learning so much just from reading this post, and you only mentioned the things you were able to bring on the trip. I am so intrigued by many of the things you mentioned. Especially the lemon cleanse with cayenne pepper and the cod liver oil. I am still thinking about trying that.

    1. Yay! I am glad, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me! :)