Tuesday, August 2, 2011

G.I. Tract Dr. Visit #1

We have just arrived back home from our first visit with our G.I. Dr.! Grace is playing with her toys and watching a couple of her shows I have recorded on the DVR (yes, after a day like today she deserves a little spoiling!). The Dr. diagnosed Grace with a milk ALLERGY, she is NOT lactose intolerant! Seriously not a fan of our small town Dr.s today, they missed SO much! I have a feeling as we continue with all the various visits, that sentiment will continue growing lol! The Dr. told me that many kids with a milk allergy have various other allergies, so we had her blood drawn (which she was AMAZING during, and I couldn't believe how well she did!) they are going to test it to identify any other allergies. I am praying that milk is her only one, it would be so un-fun for her to be denied so many delicious treats during her childhood.

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We are also scheduling a procedure for Grace to get a scope ran through her esophagus, stomach, and intestine to check out their condition and any abnormalities. Mommy is very anxious about this (ALL Prayers are SO Appreciated!)! I know it is a simple procedure, but when it's your own daughter... It seems like such a BIG procedure... They also will be inserting a small noodle-like "scope"into her nasal-throat cavity for her to wear overnight, to collect more information. Thankfully, we will get to bring her home to sleep for the night. I know all this testing is absolutely necessary, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't break my heart. Grace has been such a Trooper through out all the pain and discomfort she has had to experience from the day she was born. To put her through more intentionally is never easy for a parent, even when it is necessary.

If everyone could be praying for her upcoming procedures and continue covering her Dr.s, nurses, and the technicians in prayer that would be soooo phenominal. And if it isn't too much, could we be in prayer for answers... Our sweet baby is almost Two and still is a mystery to the Dr.s... Our Pediatrician informed me that we will try EVERYTHING until we find an answer, but some children remain a mystery even then. It would just mean so much to us to have some answers to the questions we have been carrying around for the past couple of years. And could we also pray for contentment for my family, in the case that they still can't find any....

I want to thank the prayer warriors who have been SO Consistent in lifting up our sweet girl to our Heavenly Father day in and out, your prayers are the greatest gift any parent can ask for. And what is even more amazing, some of ya'll barely even know my sweet baby! That to me speaks volumes on the condition of your heart and your love for the Lord! We are truly grateful for you and blessed to have you in our lives!

Thanks again and lots of Love!

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