Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today is THE DAY!!!!

I got a text from Jonathan this morning and he was still on location at 8 this morning, but he is gonna catch 40 winks and then head HOME!!!! This is me doing the happy dance!!! We have missed him soooooo much! His boss has also said that there is a possibility of him getting the full week off!!! :) Some quality family time will be soooo good!!! I cannot wait to see the love of my life within the next 24 hours! Gracie has been saving up hugs and kisses for her daddy the past couple of weeks and can't wait to see him either! :) What a blessing and a joy Jonathan is to all those around him!

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  1. Hey erica, i saw your comment on christin's blog so i had to check yours out :) Its Susan Keener -kimmel now :) if you remember me :) Your daughter is ADORABLE!! :) can't wait to read about her and your swheat family! very cute!